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forest-woods-landsForest Woods Condo, as numerous have discovered, is unquestionably a residential piece resting readily along among the most chaotic roads in the matured estate at Serangoon. With units to assemble upon, it means a residential website, having a substantial regular bit of 1.4 ha.

Your style and structure supplies spaciousness and high end that’s large. It’s logically set to room ventilation with illumination, for visibility and optimum ordinary. You get use of blocks of modern structures and can benefit from the wonderful town take on a greater amount, built having a reasonable share 1 to 4 Bedrooms in Forest Woods Condo.

You are able to actually just across the road towards the closest MRT entry in hardly five minutes.

In the previous record of CDL projects that are added possible citizens of Forest Wood Condo may encounter snug house. The whole condo services within Forest Woods Condo is an incredible change…

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